Advantages Of RFID Silicone Tag

Advantages of UHF RFID electronic tags: It can identify high-speed moving objects and can also read multiple objects at the same time. It has the following advantages: strong penetration and resistance to harsh environments. Strong security and confidentiality. Reusable, RFID silicone Tag the memory capacity of the data is large.

UHF RFID electronic tag standard protocol: At present,RFID Silicone Tag the common UHF RFID air interface protocols are international standards, national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards,RFID Silicone Tag etc. The most popular standards are the 6C and 6D standards, namely ISO/IEC 18000-6C(63), ISO/IEC18000-6D(64),RFID Silicone Tag in addition to China’s national standard GB/T 29768- officially implemented in May 2014. 2013.

Application of UHF electronic tags: The UHF RFID market has a wide range of application scenarios. It has the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at once, having a long recognition distance,RFID Silicone Tag fast data transmission, high reliability and long life, and withstanding the harsh outdoor environment. RFID Silicone Tag It can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, anti-counterfeiting traceability of various items (such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, etc.), retail, vehicle management,RFID Silicone Tag etc. Vehicle management,RFID Silicone Tag through the dedicated short-range communication between the on-board electronic tag installed on the vehicle windshield and the radio frequency antenna on the ETC lane of the toll station,RFID Silicone Tag using computer networking technology to perform background settlement processing with the bank to achieve the vehicle passing the road and bridge toll station The purpose of paying road and bridge fees without parking.

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