Advantages of Silicone Bib

1. It's essentially a piece of soft silicone shaped into a sleeveless bib, and many of the reasons we liked it stem back to the material, which is BPA free. The adjustable neck band has four gears that are easy to secure. 

2. The silicoone bib also has more surface area than similar sleeveless styles—it has plenty of coverage, particularly around the shoulders, and fully extends across the baby's chest. It stays in place and moves easily with the baby in his highchair. 

3. The standout feature of this silicone bib is the large capacity pocket catching all food. It's extremely sturdy, has a wide opening and can catch the majority of food.

4. Outside of function, this silicone bib is very easy to clean up—by either washing in the sink or in the dishwasher—and it dries quickly and looks new after every use. 

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Advantages of Silicone Bib

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