Advantages Of Silicone Mat

1. Food grade silicone mat is made by high temperature. Since the material is at least environmental protection grade or above, it is harmless to human body and will not volatilize harmful substances. It can be used safely.

2. Color diversity, compared with other materials, silicone mat can be made in hundreds of colors (pantong color card number can be customized), there is always one color you like. 

3. In terms of high temperature resistance, silicone food mats are no inferior to those made of other materials. Generally, silicone products can be used normally at a temperature between – 30 ~ 220 degrees. Other materials may not be able to reach this temperature difference. Silicone mat is mainly used to prevent scalding and heat insulation on the dining table. Ordinary hot dishes, soup, dry pots and other home cooked dishes are enough to meet the needs. 

Advantages Of Silicone Mat

4. It is very durable. If you ask me how long a silicone product has, I may not really answer, because I have not seen any silicone products because the life is not long enough and broken.

5. Diversified modeling and beautiful appearance: everyone's aesthetic view is different, so when you see the same product, you will have different opinions. I believe that people who often cook on the market should know that there are not too many styles. Some people like simple style, cartoon style, multi-element style, stripe shape, square shape, round shape, and so on. There is always a silicone mat for you. 

7. In terms of cleaning, silicone mat also has a good advantage. Due to the gap at the joint, it is more difficult to clean the mat. If it is not cleaned properly, bacteria will grow in the gap over time. Some of the silicone mat has complex shapes, but it also has this kind of gap or dead angle, but the silicone material has a very good advantage, that is, it does not keep oil and is very flexible. 

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