Advantages Of Silicone Rubber Mask

Protective clothing, masks and so on are important and indispensable items for prevention and control. But for many people outside China, wearing a mask is still an unaccustomed thing. Therefore, according to the actual needs of the market, we have launched a silicone protective mask, 22 cm high and 32 cm wide, which is suitable for people in Europe, America and other countries. People of different sizes and face sizes can wear them. This kind of protective mask made of silica gel has been welcomed and loved by people all over the world, including Chinese people.

Advantages Of Silicone Rubber Mask

As an amorphous material, rigid silica gel is one of the most widely used Plastic materials in the world. As a protective mask, its physical and chemical properties are stable, not easy to burn, high strength, resistant to climate change, oxidation resistance, strong acid resistance, extremely durable. The silicone rubber cover is easy to make, and the product itself is high-definition and transparent. The head mounted design makes it easy for users to wear, just like the safety helmet of electric vehicles, but it is light and light, and does not have any sense of load.

In the current outbreak period, it can not only be used, but also can be used at any time, especially for the drivers of electric vehicles and motorcycles. Wearing silicone protective mask in rainy days can not only prevent rain or haze from splashing on the face, but also effectively prevent splashing. The elastic elastic design of the head can adjust the tightness according to the size of the head, which will not cause discomfort to the head shape for a long time.

The advantages of silicone rubber mask are as follows:

Silica gel material is a kind of material that can be sterilized at high temperature. When you go out and go home, you can use the simplest high-temperature disinfection method to disinfect our masks. And use it repeatedly.

The hardness of the silicone material used in the silicone mask is about 35-50 degrees. This kind of material allows us to wear without the indentation of ordinary masks.

Silica gel material itself belongs to a kind of sealing material, which is used in the sealing ring and waterproof device, and can closely fit the human face skin, so as to achieve the protection level.

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