Advantages Of Suction Plates For Kids

[Children's plate] our suction plates for kids make your baby more independent when eating, which is the perfect choice for learning self-feeding. A strong suction base will ensure that the board is not thrown onto the floor, thereby reducing confusion. Suitable for high chair, tray or table.

[Easy to clean] our suction plates for kids are made from 100% food grade silica gel, can withstand high temperatures, is suitable for microwave oven use, and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

[Almost unbreakable] it takes a lot of strength and effort to break these suction plates for kids, which is like fresh air for any parent. They are sturdy and heat-resistant, and can stand ovens and refrigerators.

[Deodorant and antifouling] over time, organosilicon can absorb odors from food and dishwashing liquid. Our suction plates for kids are baked many times. These treatments increase the density of the silicone resin, which makes pandaear boards more odor and pollution resistant.

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Advantages Of Suction Plates For Kids

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