Always Disinfect Re-used Masks, And Never Touch Water

What should I do if I don't have a protective mask or I can't buy one because I don't have enough masks at home?Can't face the highs of masks, maybe someone said, no, I have to make your own then, at that time, teach everybody make masks video flying, in fact, they make for the most part of the face mask, to isolate the virus doesn't have any effect, is a kind of psychological comfort because of homemade face mask online tutorials, basic materials are recommended these materials such as cotton wool canvas gap is bigger, can't effectively filter the virus in addition to keep warm, stop germs role is very limited.

Always Disinfect Re-used Masks, And Never Touch Water

Since homemade masks don't work, use them sparingly and repeatedly.

Theoretically, as long as the outer contact the more people, the greater the risk of infection at this time, the only thing we can do self protective measures, is put on the medical surgical masks are not only return to work or school time will come soon, around reported new cases of unceasingly, more means that if not in public places, as long as contact with outsiders, wearing masks, also is the choice of self protection as a result, the demand of the mask, became the next period of time, many people just need to be

Although all of the mask, in the production process and design requirements, is a one-time consumables, even the highest standards of N95 masks are the same in the face of the outbreak becomes severe and complex, the trend of wearing a mask of also make masks shortage in supply far cannot satisfy the needs of the moment, masks, is the no of the current tense situation.

As long as we are not in serious epidemic areas, out of the door at ordinary times to buy groceries, masks don't have to change one at a time, can also be achieved reuse mask should be the protection of the premise, to master the correct use and scientific disinfection method at present, the repeated use of the Internet a lot of disposable masks processing method, for now a mask buy inconvenient, for example, the condition of high temperature disinfection alcohol disinfection ultraviolet disinfection, looks really like the way it is, then, disposable surgical masks or N95 surgical masks, after such a disinfection, really can recycle.

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