Application Demonstration Of Radio Frequency Identification RFID Silicone Tag In Tires

What is the role of RFID electronic tags applied to tires. At present,RFID silicone Tag the tire traceability labels on the market generally use the form of "barcode + sidewall information" to store various types of tire information,RFID Silicone Tag but the barcode and sidewall position information are located on the surface of the carcass, and the tire will wear out soon after use. . Once the information is not visible,RFID Silicone Tag it means the loss of tire information, so that the tire model, pattern,RFID Silicone Tag diameter and other information cannot be identified. If the tires are illegal or unsafe to use (unqualified tires, overloaded use, expired use, etc.), it will directly cause difficulties to the user's use,RFID Silicone Tag maintenance and claims, resulting in disputes and even frequent safety accidents. Waste of energy resources and damage to the environment.

The application of RFID technology can regulate the orderly production and of the tire industry (prevention of counterfeiting, OEM, and channeling goods) to achieve the full life cycle management of the tire; RFID Silicone Tag standardize the transportation industry to ensure the safety of personal property;RFID Silicone Tag promote and standardize the tire retreading industry to achieve tires Circular Economy. Demonstration of the application of radio frequency identification RFID in tires: During the tire building process, electronic tags are implanted into the tires, which can withstand the deformation,RFID Silicone Tag high temperature and high pressure during the tire forming and vulcanization process. The finished tires have passed X-ray inspection, air bubble inspection, dynamic balance and uniformity inspection,RFID Silicone Tag endurance test inspection, etc., showing their reliable performance.

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