Application For The Portable Mask Storage Clip

Application For The Portable Mask Storage Clip

The portable mask storage clip is 7.36 x 4.21 inch/ 18.7 x 10.7 cm and weights 6 g, the standard size is just enough to hold a disposable face cover and be easily carried with you; Also great gifts to share with family, friends and cooperative partners for car, home and office uses

Great for storage and protection, and this portable mask storage clip is dust and waterproof, no more concern about how to keep the face cover temporarily when eating or sleeping; With good toughness, the portable storage clip can be folded many times and still remain in good shape, helping to store the cover anytime and anywhere

Trustworthy quality, the face cover storage box is made of quality PP Plastic, clear, odor-free and frosted transparent, safe that you can rest assured to use; The smooth surface gives you a good touch, easy to clean and reusable

Portable and versatile, featuring foldable design, small size and its light weight, the portable mask storage clip is convenient to carry, helping you store disposable face cover at any time and put directly in your pocket, backpack, handbag or any other places; It can also be sandwiched in books as pagination when not in use; More details and method of use are in the picture

Avoid embarrassing situations: when you eat, take a lunch break, have afternoon tea, or when you go back to the car, bedroom or garden, you don't want to throw away the face cover you just put on, but also don't want to put the cover directly into your pocket, and there is no proper way to save it, but now the wide range of uses of the storage holder help you store the face cover at any time to avoid dirt

Application For The Portable Mask Storage Clip

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