Application of Agriculture Silicone sticker in fertilizer

What is Agriculture silicone sticker

Agriculture Silicone sticker is a kind of organic silicon compound in terms of professional terms. It has a simple function in fertilizers. It can increase efficiency and promote the rapid absorption of nutrients by crops. Silicone has good ductility and can Penetrating crop cells has a very good osmotic effect. Fertilizer experts also add fertilizers based on this principle to drive nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by plants.

The role of Agriculture Silicone sticker in fertilizers

Function one is to moisten the leaf surface. Everyone must have noticed a feature of daily spraying on the leaf surface of crops. That is, the fertilizer with water stays on the surface of the plant leaf for a short time, and it will quickly fall off with gravity, while the Agriculture Silicone sticker solution can Wet the leaf surface, so that when used in liquid fertilizer, the fertilizer solution is distributed on the leaf surface, so that it will not slip off directly as just said.

The second function is to drive nutrient absorption. Silicone has another characteristic of being resistant to rain erosion, and has good penetration ability. The addition of diluted fertilizer can drive the cells that can drive nutrients through the leaf surface of the plant to be quickly absorbed, which is good for rain. Seasonal and local fertilization is efficient and does not need to be affected by light rain.

The third function is to save fertilizer expenses. The large amount of fertilizer used in crops is one of the main costs of agriculture. If the effect of Agriculture Silicone sticker is added to the foliar topdressing, it can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and reduce direct use The resulting waste problem.

Silicone synergist true and false

The emergence of Agriculture Silicone sticker synergist is welcomed by the market, but there are also many inferior or poorly effective synergists. It is simple to judge the authenticity of Agriculture Silicone sticker. Prepare two leaves, one dipped in water, and one dipped in water For comparison, see if the leaves dipped in the synergist are all wet, and the longer the time is, the better, so that the fertilizer can be absorbed faster and better after being added to the fertilizer.

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