Application Of Emulsified Silicone Oil

Emulsified silicone oil is a water soluble silicone emulsion made by our company using high quality GB two methyl siloxane and additives, which is formulated by scientific formula and reasonable process. It can be used for hair care products. Demoulding, glazing, anti sticking, anti rust, cleaning and waterproof of leather brightener, automobile, furniture, floor, metal processing, polyurethane, Plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, stone, textile, paper, wood and other industries. It can be used directly or diluted with water.


The product has the characteristics of stable quality, less emulsified dosage and excellent performance. Its biological decomposition product has no phenol, and meets the strict environmental protection requirements of Europe, the United States and Japan. It is an environmental protection product, and it can be stable for a long time without stratification after being diluted with water. Therefore, we are at the leading level in the same industry.


Product application:


Emulsified silicone oil products have been widely used in hand cream, shaving cream, hair conditioner, shampoo, bath detergent, snow cream and other cosmetics, the effect is very outstanding. It can fully show the softness, smoothness and moisture of emulsified silicone oil on hair in cleaning and protection products, with excellent performance and excellent conditioning effect on hair, making hair smooth and elegant. Emulsified silicone oil has good air permeability. It can release fragrance and flavor from flavors and fragrances. It can extend the fragrance retention period. It has good complementarity with other components in cosmetics, and helps them to make better use of their products.

Application Of Emulsified Silicone Oil

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