Application Of RFID Silicone Tag Technology In All Aspects Of Enterprise Product Production

Electronic identification: Electronic license plate is an application of the subdivision, RFID silicone Tag extension and improvement of the Internet of Things technology. An electronic license plate label is installed on the motor vehicle, RFID Silicone Tag and the RFID electronic label is used as a carrier of vehicle information,RFID Silicone Tag and the data on the electronic label of the motor vehicle is collected or passed through the road section equipped with an authorized radio frequency identification reader/writer Write,RFID Silicone Tag an advanced technology to realize the digital management of all vehicles.

Product anti-counterfeiting traceability: Through the application of RFID technology in all aspects of enterprise product production, to achieve anti-counterfeiting, traceability,RFID Silicone Tag circulation and market control, protect corporate brands and intellectual property rights,RFID Silicone Tag and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Warehousing and logistics pallet management: RFID technology is introduced into the existing warehouse management to automatically collect data from various operations such as warehouse arrival inspection,RFID Silicone Tag warehousing, warehousing, transfer, warehouse shifting, inventory counting and other operations to ensure warehouse management The speed and accuracy of data input in each link ensure that the enterprise can accurately grasp the real data of the inventory in a timely manner,RFID Silicone Tag and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.

Washing industry: The laundry label is resistant to high temperature and rubbing. It is mainly used for tracking in the laundry industry and checking the laundry washing situation. The label adopts silicone encapsulation technology, RFID Silicone Tag which can be sewn, blanched or hung on towels and clothing for inventory management of towels and clothing products.

By sewing a button-shaped (or label-like) electronic label on each piece of linen,RFID Silicone Tag until the linen is scrapped (the label can be reused, RFID Silicone Tag but does not exceed the service life of the label itself). It will make the user's laundry management more transparent and improve work efficiency. High temperature laundry labels are widely used in textile factories,RFID Silicone Tag professional linen washing and laundry.

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