Application Of RFID Silicone Tag Technology In Daily Life

Apparel management introduces RFID technology in the management of existing apparel warehouses, which can automatically collect data from various operations of apparel warehouses such as arrival inspection, warehousing, RFID silicone Tag outgoing, transfer, warehouse shifting,RFID Silicone Tag inventory counting and other operations to ensure the warehouse Manage the speed and accuracy of data input in all links to ensure that the company has timely and accurate control of the real data of the inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.

UHF RFID technology can be informatized from all aspects of apparel production,RFID Silicone Tag product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, RFID Silicone Tag logistics and transportation, distribution, and product to provide managers at all levels with true, effective,RFID Silicone Tag and timely management and decision support information. Supporting the rapid development of the business will solve most problems.

Live poultry management: UHF RFID foot ring electronic tags give each live poultry a unique "identity card", from the traceability management of live poultry's seedlings, RFID Silicone Tag quarantine, slaughter, processing to sale, effectively prevent the food safety of live poultry. Main application areas: worn on poultry such as chickens, ducks, RFID Silicone Tag geese, etc., widely used in food traceability safety supervision of seed, breeding, production, epidemic prevention and and circulation.

Live pig traceability management: Qualified pork white strips are bound with RFID traceability tags,RFID Silicone Tag and the pork code obtained by the radio frequency identification channel at the time of shipment is automatically associated with the RFID identity card information of the downstream seller obtained by the RFID traceability integrated machine. At the same time, the all-in-one machine is also connected to the electronic scale to obtain the weight,RFID Silicone Tag and the all-in-one machine prints the meat transaction voucher of the traceability system. The traceability codes, weights,RFID Silicone Tag downstream buyers and other information of the batch of shipped meat are uploaded to the government traceability supervision system at the same time. Each piece of pork corresponds to a unique merchant or business owner,RFID Silicone Tag which realizes the link between the arrival of pigs in the slaughter and the production of white strips.

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