Application Of Silicone In Sunscreen

Refreshing effect volatile silicone oil

Sunscreens with strong sunscreen ability are usually in solid state. In the design of refreshing sunscreen formula, it is necessary to mix with liquid oil sunscreen with moderate solubility, and add high volatile silicone oil to provide fresh skin feeling, especially in w / O formula system.

Sunscreen, waterproof and synergistic silicone film forming agent

The use of W / O system sunscreen, because most of the sunscreen agents in the external phase of the oil phase, sunscreen components can be continuously spread, while o / W system oil soluble sunscreen agents stay in the oil phase, after application, the sunscreen agent is easy to disperse discontinuous, resulting in "window effect", thus reducing the sunscreen effect. Therefore, it is necessary to add water-soluble sunscreen and film-forming agent to enhance the waterproof and sunscreen effect of the formula.

Silicone emulsifier: the defender of system stability

Silicone emulsifier is commonly used in w / O emulsification system. Generally, emulsifiers with strong emulsifying ability have large molecular weight, large hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, and their skin feel is heavy when used. The emulsifying power and stability of emulsifier with small molecular weight will be weaker, but the skin will be more refreshing when using it, so it needs to be used together in the formulation design.

Skin feeling regulator — silicon powder

The birth of powder raw materials provides sunscreen products with more skin feeling styles. The commonly used powder materials are: silicon powder, which can improve the skin's smoothness; compound silicon powder, which makes the skin feel soft and more close to the skin.

Improve compatibility and skin care — phenyl silicone oil and aChinayl silicone wax

The molecular polarity of organic sunscreen agents is generally high, so it is necessary to select medium to high polarity oils when selecting oils. Phenyl silicone oil and aChinayl silicone wax are polymers with hydrocarbon branched chain structure on the silicone oil chain, which have good compatibility with high polar oils. The addition of phenyl silicone oil and aChinayl silicone wax can increase the compatibility between oils in oil phase system and improve the skin adhesion of products.

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