Application Of The Slicone Waffle Maker

Application Of The Slicone Waffle Maker

The silicone Waffle Maker is 100% Silicone,Heat Resistant from -40 to 230 degree. It's Tasteless, Non-toxic, Anti-dust, Durable, No Penetration, Easy to clean. Flexible construction ensures easy removal of baked goods or gelatin. 

This silicone waffle maker is flexible construction ensures easy removal of baked goods or gelatin. For flexible reason, we design the mold a bit soft, so you may easily un-mold. If you need a more sturdy support when transfer or move, you can put it on a tray or another mold.

With the silicone mold you will be able to backs CUPCAKE, MUFFIN, CANDY, BREAD, MOUSSE, JELLY, PREPARED FOOD, CHOCOLATE AND MORE. The silicone waffle maker set made of 100 percent pure silicone material NON TOXIC for your on safety and the safety of your family.

Make a sweet or savory waffle batter and decorate the waffles in your favorite way. Suitable for making cake,ice cube,bread,mousse,jelly,chocolate,waffles and etc.Enjoy DIY baking and bring fun in life. Non stick,easy to release and clean.Just wash with warm soapy water.


1. When you make the cake, please do not pure full cake slurry into the mold, just make it 3/4 full. The cake will expand when making.

2. When you get the molds and first time to make cake or chocolate. First of all, please fill the water in the molds and put into the microwave or oven transfer for 1-2 minutes, then drain.

Application Of The Slicone Waffle Maker

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