Application of water soluble silicone oil?

Water soluble silicone oil has always been known as "universal oil". How widely is the application of water-soluble silicone oil?

1. Softness and antistatic property can be used as finishing agent and softener of fabric, which can give fabric hydrophilicity, sweat absorption and antistatic property.

2. Add a small amount of this product to hair care products, which can give the hair luster, easy to comb, smooth, anti-static, and also give good touch. It can also be used in hand sanitizer, shower gel, skin care products, transparent shampoo, facial cleanser and other daily chemical products.

3. When used in water-borne coatings, it can give the coating leveling and skid resistance. It is an ideal additive for automobile wax.

4. As a resin modifier, it can improve the fluidity of resin during melting, improve the lubricity between metal and Plastic, and greatly improve the extrudability of plastics.

5. Polyurethane industry as leveling agent, foam homogenizer, coating and ink additives.

6. For paper such as notice, note book, business paste, random paste, n times paste anti sticking treatment and leather surface treatment.

Application of water soluble silicone oil?

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