Application Technology Of Release Agent For Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum alloy die casting, including aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy series of die-casting products, widely used in automotive, telecommunications, motorcycles, home appliances and other industries. Demoulding agent for aluminum alloy die casting is a necessary additive in production process. Due to the different volume and size of the products, the complexity of the structure and the post-processing requirements of the products, the requirements for the release agent are also different.


The zinc alloy material is heated and melted (aluminum melting point is 660.4 ℃), and it is injected into the mold cavity through high pressure in liquid state, and the top part is opened and ejected in a short time. In order to ensure the smooth demoulding of products, the mold cavity surface must be sprayed with release agent before injection.



The release agent for aluminum alloy die casting must meet the following requirements:

1. Oil. As an effective material for metal isolation, organosilicone oil is an ideal choice. The silicone oil must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and no influence on post-processing performance (such as coating of aluminum products).

2. Water. As the mold is in a high temperature state, any solvent based release agent is not suitable. When water was used as the dispersion medium, the water evaporated rapidly in high temperature environment, and the demoulding effective substance was evenly distributed on the surface of the mold cavity. Uniform film forming, strong adhesion, high temperature erosion resistance and good demoulding performance.

3. Emulsion. The proper emulsifier was chosen to emulsify silicone oil to prevent its carbonization at high temperature. In order to keep the surface of product and die cavity clean.

4. There is no corrosion to casting and mould equipment. The profile of casting products is clear, and the surface is smooth and without marks, which does not affect the coating. The volatiles are smoke-free, non-toxic, non polluting and harmful to the health of operators.

Application Technology Of Release Agent For Aluminum Die Casting

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