Attention silicone products and enjoy your life

    In our life, we can often catch up with various of silicone products, such as silicone mobile phone cases, silicone bottle nipples, food grade silicone tubings, crisper silicone sealing rings and so on…  That just all this kind of silicone products made a touch with our everyday life closely.  


    Comparing with common rubber products, the characteristics of excellent rebound resilience, well soft ability, high temperature resistant and non-toxic are the major factors silicone products owning. Because of these advantages, silica gel material is applied to more and more various industries, such as medical treatment, food processing, kitchen utensils, etc.


    Today, let me introduce you a kind of beautiful silicone rubber part-silicone bracelet, its beautiful colour, fashion appearance and healthy material attract the attention of the young people.

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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