Attentions about Silicone sealing ring is heating in the microwave

Usually , People are busy to working,They Often use heat preservation box to heat food in order to save time .They will ignore a few little detail in heating the food .For example ,someone will put directly sealed container in the microwave oven for heating .It is a serious mistake .It is harm for our heathly .Preservation box silicone sealing ring sealing performance is very good, can achieve a vacuum, even when we put the preservation box into the microwave oven, with the rising of temperature in the furnace, believe everybody knows this principle of heat bilges cold shrink, inside temperature in the box rise constantly, the air is expelled, pressure is also growing, when the temperature reaches a certain stage, crisper seal extremely strong sealing pressure is impossible to discharge, so will lead to preservation box explosion, it is extremely dangerous. So, we should pay attention to small details in our daily life, understand the crisper silicone sealing performance characteristics of understanding the functional characteristics of microwave heating, the heating time, we will have to take down the lid, thus avoiding the many accidents happen.

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