B2B platform discovered iPhone5 silicone rubber case!

    With the rumour spreading that iPhone5 will be came out, so-called silicone rubber cases for iPhone5 are exposure, and some of iPhone5 also have been discovered in the market which we can not distinguish its true and false, and meanwhile, many B2B platforms have launched a lot of new iPhone5 products. 


    According to some media abroad, at present, iPhone5 silicone cases can be found everywhere in the domestic at the price of 2yuan , and the number of products that clients ordered over 500. From the view of this silicone case appearance, the new upgrade iPhone5 will be more beautiful, more thin wall and more width than iPhone4, meanwhile, the edge of the new product is also designed an arc appearance. 


    Coincidentally above speculations, before the iPad2 listing, there were some speculations about silicone rubber case for iPod2, and after the advent of the iPod2, we were surprised to find that some speculations were completely according with truth, and some were false of course.

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