Basic knowledge of damping grease

1. Damping grease grease type:

1. Synthetic hydrocarbon type damping grease: it was found that ordinary soap base grease such as calcium base grease and lithium base grease had poor hand feeling, so the original damping grease was made with polymer as base oil. The common polymer is synthetic hydrocarbon, and the common thickener is silica, bentonite or fatty acid metal soap. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of grease is its poor viscosity temperature property. When the synthetic hydrocarbon decomposes at high temperature, it hardens and solidifies at low temperature.

2. Polysiloxane type damping grease: this kind of damping grease has the advantage of good viscosity and temperature, but low adhesion and poor lubricity.

3. Synthetic + polysiloxane type damping grease: this kind of damping grease combines the advantages of the first two types of good lubrication, good adhesion and good viscosity temperature property.

4. Ethylene and olefin polymer damping grease: the lubricity of this kind of damping grease is equivalent to that of synthetic hydrocarbon damping grease, and the viscosity temperature property is between that of polybutene and polysiloxane.

2. Damping grease effect:

Damping grease is used in most mechanical and electronic mechanical instruments to control free movement and reduce noise. In the focal length adjustment of optical instruments, the damping grease can control sliding to ensure smooth and silent operation. In the electronic control, can use the hand to make the precise setting. In addition, in the gear system, home appliances control, electronic switch mechanism, outdoor entertainment equipment, laser control, TV tuning, measuring instruments and other aspects, manual control activities and reduce noise. Due to its own viscosity, damping grease can also prevent the instrument from being exposed to moisture, dust and other pollutants, and avoid complete sealing between moving parts, thus reducing wear and prolonging product life.

Basic knowledge of damping grease

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