Basic Principles Of Mask Protection

Let's take a look at how the N95 surgical mask with the best protection can achieve virus isolation.Whether it is N95(American standard) or KN95(National standard), the protective effect is the same. This mask has a filtering effect greater than or equal to 95% for particles with a diameter of 0.3m. It is the best protective mask at present.The core secret of its super protective ability lies in the use of electrostatic adsorption principle.

The electrostatic adsorption, is that every N95 (American standard) and KN95 masks (gb), are designed with a layer of melt-blown non-woven fabrics that melt-blown non-woven fabrics made from polypropylene, is a kind of superfine electrostatic fibre, the biggest characteristic is after dealing with the magnet, electrostatic adsorption capacity will have when you wear the mask when you breathe air through the non-woven fabric, air can be normal through, and all the dust and poison droplets, will be more than 95% by electrostatic adsorption in the outside layer of melt-blown non-woven fabricsThis aspect, attentive friends as long as close to the white walls of longer-term, often there will be some grey attachments, want to get rid of all this is the masterpiece of electrostatic so very hard, after air dust is electrostatic adsorption, it is difficult to from, for as long as the electrostatic, dust and bacteria has been adsorption if static electricity is not there, the mask of electrostatic adsorption also was done not have, will become a common masks but electrostatic has a Nemesis, that is water mask after washed, this layer melt-blown non-woven fabric is no electrostatic adsorption.

Obviously, many people take it for granted that after washing the mask in water, the virus is removed and the mask can be reused.

This kind of take it for granted,

in peacetime there is nothing, although not isolated from the virus, but can be used as an ordinary dust mask.

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