Benefits Of 40-Cavity Square Caramel Mold

Benefits of 40-Cavity Square Caramel Mold

High-grade silicone temperature resistant from -40° F to 500° F to allow for use in the freezer as well as the oven

Easy to use and clean: Flexible and easy to clean, making these cute silicone candy molds with your kids, I believe kids will love it when it pop out with good detail shape. Withstands repeated use day after day

Size: Each of the 40 square cavities is 1.18 x 1.18 x 0.6", and a capacity of 0. 5 oz. , while the entire sheet measures 11. 8” x 7. 87".

Multiple Uses: Can be used for chocolate truffles,Whiskey Ice, jelly, candy, ganache, and caramel for easy-to-create perfect sweet treats; ideal for forming small sweets like candy tablets, butter patties and other amazing creations

Benefits Of 40-Cavity Square Caramel Mold

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