Benefits of silicone

Silicon rubber rubber advantage is: cold resistance heat resistance dielectric ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance, silicon rubber rubber , outstanding performance is using the wide temperature, can be in 60 (or lower temperature) to + 250 (or higher temperature) under the disadvantage of the long-term use of silicone rubber is: mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength is poorer, the physical and mechanical properties at room temperature less than most of the synthetic rubber, and in addition to the nitrile silicon fluorine silicone rubber, general poor solvent resistance of silicone rubber oil resistant silicone

1 alias: silica gel, is a highly active adsorption material, amorphous material.

Silicone was mostly silica, stable chemical properties, does not burn

2 silicone main composition is sio2, stable chemical properties, not burning silica gel is a kind of amorphous silicon dioxide, should control the workshop dust content is not more than 10 mg/m3, need to be reinforced platoon wind, when wearing a mask

3 silicone has a strong adsorption ability, drying effect on a person's skin, therefore, should be worn when operating good clothes if silica gel into the eyes, need a lot of water flushing, and find a doctor as soon as possible

4 blue silicone due to contain a small amount of cobalt chloride, potentially toxic, and food contact should be avoided and the suction mouth, such as poisoning incidents should immediately find a doctor silica gel in use process because of the medium water vapor adsorption or other organic substances, adsorption ability, can be regenerated by repeated use

5 generally, silicone according to its properties and components can be divided into two categories, organic silicone and inorganic silica gel

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