Botanical pesticides: looking forward to new developments

Coal pollution disease, also known as coal smoke disease, is common in flowers and trees, affecting photosynthesis, reducing ornamental value and economic value, and even causing death. Pay attention to prevention and control in garden maintenance.

With the adjustment of my country's pesticide industry policy and the country's increasing emphasis on food safety, the status of biological pesticides in agricultural production is getting higher and higher. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture has put forward the plant protection concept of green prevention and control, which has opened up a broad market space for biological pesticides, especially providing a strong impetus for the development of plant-derived pesticides.

According to relevant data, biological pesticides (excluding agricultural antibiotics) currently account for 2.5% of the global pesticide market, and plant-derived pesticides in biological pesticides account for 1% of the global pesticide market, and are growing at an annual rate of 10%-15% . From the perspective of the market distribution of biological pesticides, the current use in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States accounts for 64% of the world's total, and Asia accounts for only 13%.

Broad prospects for development and application

In recent years, the research and development of plant-derived pesticides has been quite active in my country. As of March 2010, there are 14 active ingredients of botanical pesticides in valid registration status in China, and the total number of products is 129. Industrialized varieties such as azadirachtin, matrine, rotenone, nicotine and pyrethrin have become Chinese plant sources. The backbone of the pesticide industry.

It is understood that the newly promulgated "Twelfth Five-Year" Biotechnology Development Plan clearly pointed out: During the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, demonstration pilots and popularization of the application of green agricultural products such as biological pesticides, biological fertilizers, and green plant growth regulators will be carried out. And research and development.

In this regard, Wei Fengbiao, chairman of Beijing Qingyuanbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., believes: "The plan has strengthened the promotion and application of biological pesticides, and has provided a strong driving force for the development of botanical pesticides. Support and guidance are the development of botanical pesticides. The key.” He said, for example, compared with chemical pesticides, botanical pesticides have their own characteristics such as slower effects, high prices, and poor acceptance by farmers, which will greatly restrict the development of the overall industry. However, as people's living standards improve, The public attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety, and plant-derived pesticides will gradually be understood by more members of the public. There is a lot of work to be done. One of the important aspects is that the government should increase supervision and increase the popularization and promotion of the public's understanding of the concept of plant-derived pesticides.

What are the advantages of Chinese companies in the development of plant-based pesticides? Wei Fengbiao told reporters: "Biological pesticides are encountering rare development opportunities. As an important part of biological pesticides, the development and utilization of plant-derived pesticides has attracted the attention and welcome of various countries." He said that plant-derived pesticides should generally be It has the following advantages: First, it is low-toxic to humans, livestock, and beneficial organisms, and is easily degradable in the environment, with little or no residue, and no environmental protection problems. Second, it can use a large amount of wasteland, low cost, and farmers. The benefits are large; third, the mechanism of action on pests is very different from that of conventional chemical pesticides. Most conventional chemical pesticides only act on one or a few targets of a certain physiological system of pests, while most plant-derived pesticides have complex components and can The multiple physiological systems that act on pests are conducive to overcoming the resistance of pests; fourth, China’s plant-derived pesticides have a certain uniqueness, with unparalleled product prices, and greater profit margins relative to chemical pesticides; fifth, plant-derived pesticides In addition to the direct use of active ingredients, they can also be used as lead compounds for the synthesis of new pesticides, laying the foundation for the creation of pesticides in China, thus breaking the monopoly of pesticide creation by developed countries in Europe and America.

It is also understood that the resources of plant-derived pesticides are abundant and inexhaustible. my country has abundant plant resources, with extensive and profound theories of traditional Chinese medicine for reference, and the conditions for vigorously developing plant-derived biological pesticides are unique. And botanical pesticides are taken from nature and used in nature, and their basic characteristics are fully in line with the indicators of biological pesticides. Therefore, they will become the main field of biological pesticide research and development, and will soon become the main battlefield of business operations.

Meet new challenges under new opportunities

As we all know, the United States is the world's largest biopesticide market, and Europe is the fastest-growing market. How to enter such a huge market has become the most concerned topic for every domestic bio-pesticide company. Du Gui, chairman of Beijing Miura Baicao Green Plant Preparation Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters before his birthday that the biggest problem facing Chinese companies entering the European and North American markets is registration and market protection. On the one hand, registration requirements in Europe and North America are very strict, and it is difficult for Chinese companies to provide complete registration documents, especially reports on good laboratory practices; The market also enjoys a certain period of market protection. Even if domestic companies obtain product registration, they still face almost astronomical registration compensation fees. Therefore, for a long time to come, the prospects for Chinese companies in the European and North American markets are still not optimistic.

In addition, he said: "Based on our many years of market experience, the Southeastern Region of Europe is a traditional agricultural region with a huge agrochemical market. Moreover, the registration policy in this region has a certain degree of flexibility, which can become a better entry point for Chinese companies."

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