Can a disposable mask be used twice

 if it is boiled in boiling water for a few minutes

Boil water in a pot, then steam the used mask on a steaming rack (the mask does not come into contact with water, which is similar to steamed steamed bun) for more than 3 minutes, and then put it in a clean container to dry.2. Spray both sides of the mask with 75% medical alcohol and let dry.3. If no one is present, use a household ULTRAVIOLET lamp to illuminate for 10 minutes.

Guidance: if really can't buy a mask, in the case of necessity, can consider to reuse mask, but the premise has the following four: 1. Really is necessity, if the goods is enough, or suggest changes daily 2. Must be someone special, not the husband used for wife 3. Only for medical surgical masks and N95 respirator, those itself doesn't require a mask did not suggest recycle 4. Reuse mask wear is not recommended to the hospital, can go to work in hang out shopping mall, etc.

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