Can a mask prevent novel Coronavirus 1

In recent days,

Novel Coronavirus infected with pneumonia

Keep everyone concerned about how to prevent infection

Among the many precautions

A particularly important one is "Wear a mask"

Many hospitals are reported to have handed out masks

Experts are also recommending wearing masks as a routine measure of protection

But there are a few problems

What kind of mask can prevent infection?

How to wear a mask correctly?

How can You prevent infection if you don't have a mask?

How many types of masks are there?

There are three common types of masks

Ordinary cotton masks, disposable masks, N95 masks

(1)Plain cotton face mask

The material is cotton cloth, gauze, wool, canvas and velvet, etc., because the material itself is not dense enough to play a role in preventing infection.

Can a mask prevent novel Coronavirus 1

(2)Disposable masks (surgical masks)

Can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, unable to prevent haze.

Can a mask prevent novel Coronavirus 1

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