Can a mask prevent novel Coronavirus 3

How often do I need to change my mask?

In order to prevent infection, some people may wear a medical mask all day long, but this can weaken the nasal mucosa, lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, and reduce the resistance. Therefore, it is not necessary to wear a mask in areas with low population density and ventilation

It should be reminded that the protective effect of any type of mask is time-limited and must be replaced regularly. It is recommended to replace the mask every 2~4 hours. If the mask is contaminated, it should be replaced as soon as possible

Can a mask prevent novel Coronavirus 3

Surgical masks folded in valve bag keep them when not in use, do not recommend masks pick pocket or bag directly, causing surgical masks secondary pollution, so easy to be folded into a clean self-styled bag, and will contact the nose and mouth side took a folded can also prevent infection so whether it is coughing, sneezing runny noses, be sure to keep out without things available with paper handkerchief, usable hand keep out, can't someone sneeze cough;When contact between people, to maintain a distance of more than 1 meter, especially in the face to face conversation infectious disease epidemic season should try to avoid all kinds of parties.

People suspected of having infectious diseases should be isolated from those suspected of having infectious diseases as soon as possible;High incidence of infectious diseases season do not join in the fun, as far as possible to avoid crowded places;Maintain constant ventilation in the workplace and at home;Do not spit everywhere, if there is really no place to spit, you can spit on the paper, when convenient to put it in its home;Keep personal hygiene, especially hands should wash hands frequently, avoid dirty hands touching mouth, eyes and nose;Do more physical exercises to enhance physical fitness and immunity;Reasonable work and rest do not stay up late but fatigue can make the body resistance to decline, therefore, to maintain a regular life, ensure adequate sleep, develop a good habit of life, is a good way to prevent disease;Pay close attention to symptoms such as fever and cough, and be sure to seek medical advice in a timely manner when such symptoms occur.

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