Can N95 masks be reused

Can N95 masks be reused?

N95 respirator is able to filter out more than 95%, N non oily particles mask N95 mask has two kinds, one is with air valve type of dustproof, the other is a medical model usually, without air valve type medical is disposable N95 respirator, if not in the occasion of infection, N95 respirator can reuse reusable masks need to do a good job of protection, such as outdoor activity there is no exposure to the virus infected areas, continued to wear no more than 4 hours, mask not polluted after go home, can put the mask off to dry, then continue to use, however, repeated use mask 1-2 days at mostIn addition, someone USES 75% alcohol or microwave oven to disinfect the mask, this practice is not correct, because there is a filter layer in the middle of the mask, these disinfection does not work, so, want to reuse the mask, mainly to do a good job of protection

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