Can N95 masks be sterilized by boiling them

Masks with boiled disinfection is a kind of non-standard operation, mask after boiled, generally the original tightness is destroyed, also cannot repeat use, it is best to use disposable respirator masks for respiratory infectious diseases is a very important tool of medical protection, if not qualified disinfection method for processing reuse is easily infected, masks had better be disinfected after use, and then the right to get rid of, it is best not to repeat use, especially in surgical masks have been used, it is best to discard, can't again after disinfection using a mask

Mask is a relatively important tool, especially for the prevention of the epidemic, you must remember to wear masks, especially if you are going to crowded places。

N90 masks belongs to the disposable masks, in principle cannot be used again and again, but for now this kind of circumstance can be reused several times, generally do not recommend including medical alcohol with disinfectant disinfection, or you will make the protective masks to reduce Suggestions after each use the masks people put the mask on the room is clean and dry and ventilated place, avoid pollution, notice need not hand touching the inside of the mask

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