Can silicone seals be glued?

I believe that too many people know and understand this product, its application range is too wide! So long, square, flat, round! Due to the different applications, the end face of the silicone seal has various shapes and Material, but its function usually has one thing in common, that is, it is used for sealing! Whether it is waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, etc., it has the effect of caulking! Some people need a perfect circle, in addition to forming, in fact, it is also The sealing strip can be used to cut the bar! Can all silicone sealing strips be used for bonding?

The sealing strip can be impregnated, and then form an o-ring to facilitate the assembly of certain machines. If there is no bonding, the assembler can only be pasted with scissors, which is inconvenient to operate and easy to break! If it has been immersed in a circle before, it is very convenient to use.

For the bonding of silicone sealing strips, there is a dedicated high-temperature fusion bonding machine. The adhesion of the glue used is very good! Depending on the size of the end face, it can accept a force of about 1-10 kg. So the silicone sealing strips can be glued together, very strong!

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