Causes of local sinking and smooth lines of aluminum die-casting parts

Reasons for the smooth lines of :


Aluminum die castings can be made into various more complex shapes, and can also be made with higher precision and finish, which greatly reduces the amount of machining of the castings and the casting allowance of metal copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy. It not only saves electricity, metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs. The single page has inevitable defects. Flow marks are one of them. The characteristic is that the surface of the casting presents a smooth pattern of partial depression that is consistent with the flow direction of the molten metal and can be felt by hand. This defect has no development direction and can be removed by polishing.




  1. The traces left by two metal streams filling the cavity out of sync.


  1. Low mold temperature, such as zinc alloy mold temperature lower than 150°C and aluminum alloy mold temperature lower than 180°C, are prone to such defects.


  1. The filling speed is too high.


  1. Excessive amount of paint.


Elimination measures:


  1. Adjust the cross-sectional area or position of the inner gate.


  1. Adjust the mold temperature and enlarge the overflow groove.


  1. Properly adjust the filling speed to change the fluid state of the molten metal filling cavity


  1. The coating is thin and uniform.

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