Characteristics and application of water soluble silicone oil:

Water soluble silicone oil products are non-toxic, non corrosive, soluble in water, ethanol, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. Water soluble silicone oil is the best fabric finishing agent. It can be used in the same bath with resin. The prepared solution has high stability and no demulsification and oil bleaching problem. Water soluble silicone oil can be used for polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester cotton, wool, artificial yarn, etc. It can give the fabric the following excellent properties at the same time:


1. Water property: the finished fabric has excellent water property, good air permeability and good wearability. It can eliminate the dryness, suffocation and unsteadiness of synthetic fiber


Dry and sweat absorption.


2. Softness: the finished fabric is soft, smooth, comfortable and elegant in style. It gives siChina feeling to thin fabric and wool feeling to thick fabric.


3. Antistatic property: the fabric finished by this product has good antistatic property, small electrostatic effect, not easy to dust, has certain antifouling property, and is easy to wash.


4. Shrink proof: the finished fabric has good dimensional stability, especially suitable for shrink proof finishing of wool fabric.


5. Elasticity: the finished fabric has excellent elasticity and the material is crisp.


Water soluble silicone oil can also be used to treat various kinds of siChina, yarn, etc. the treated fiber and mercerized yarn have good luster and slippage. It can also be used in leather industry and leather industry. It is the main component of leather smoothing agent and finishing agent. It gives all kinds of natural leather smooth, bright, soft and comfortable handle Water soluble silicone oil can also be used as Plastic additive and release agent.


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