China is the most potential market in liquid silicone product.

   Recently, In China’s liquid silicon consumption grows steadily, and the growth of about 20% a year. It is growing very fast. If organic silicone product import also included, liquid silicone consumption is more obvious . Although domestic capacity and production has also increased, but far from meeting the domestic market, the gap between demand and supply is larger, import increases year by year.

    The liquid silicone liquid state ,with the mobility. Liquid Silicone is generally used in baby products ,kitchenware and Medical Supplies , and direct contact with food and human body .To the contrary solid silicone is generally used in Supplies and industrial miscellaneous and auto parts, etc. Application range is widely used . liquid silicone is high transparent and high security  food grade material . As forming does not add auxiliary materials like sulfurization agent .silicone sealing ring is a transparent eco-friendly material .It will be added auxiliary materials like sulfurization agent in forming .

    According to China’s current status and trends, It can be expected that China will become a global electrical and electronic manufacturing base in the next 10 years, in local manufacturing industry department will also provide an increased demand for raw materials.

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