Combination Of RFID Silicone Tag Technology And Tire Manufacturing Technology

The RFID electronic tag is implanted inside the tire. From a safety perspective, RFID silicone Tag it mainly includes the problem of the combination of the electronic tag and the tire rubber. That is, the electronic tag must be integrated with the tire after being implanted in the tire, RFID Silicone Tag and no bubbles or delamination will affect the quality of the tire; RFID Silicone Tag The weight of the electronic tag cannot affect the dynamic balance quality of the tire, that is,  RFID Silicone Tag the volume and weight of the encapsulated electronic tag should meet the dynamic balance and uniformity requirements of the tire; from the reliability of the label, the electronic tag implanted into the tire must bear The stretching, high temperature,RFID Silicone Tag high pressure, and flexural deformation during tire production and use are used throughout the life cycle of the tire; from the perspective of reading and writing distance,RFID Silicone Tag the reading distance of the electronic tag implanted in the tire must meet the later tire use management requirements.

Combination Of RFID Silicone Tag Technology And Tire Manufacturing Technology

It can be seen that the combination of RFID technology and tire manufacturing technology can not only solve the problems encountered in the current tire identification, traceability and other processes. At the same time, RFID Silicone Tag the tire RFID electronic tag is embedded in the tire, which can write tire production data, data, RFID Silicone Tag and use Data, retread data, etc., and the corresponding data can be collected and read through the terminal at any time,RFID Silicone Tag and combined with the corresponding management software, you can achieve the recording and tracing of the tire life cycle data.

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