Conveyor cooling method

Conveyors are mainly used in the electronics industry, medical equipment, household and other occupations, and the requirements for conveying accuracy are wide and high. Because the pipe diameter is relatively small, it is generally a few millimeters outside diameter. In the process of conveying and cnc machining, due to the small diameter and high requirements for conveying, users often feel that the conveying accuracy is difficult to pass and the power cannot be improved during deep dawing processing.

The device can cut conveying, iron, aluminum, and copper pipes; specifically for thin-walled pipes and capillary tubes, the conveying port is shiny and free of burrs, the clamp can clamp 1-10 small tubes at a time, and it can automatically clamp materials and feed. Feeding; only touch screen input is required to set the conveying length. The conveying length has high precision. It is specially designed for capillary conveying such as thin-walled tubes and electronic tubes. It is suitable for high-precision china stamping products. Secondary grinding process. And the device is very power-saving, the rated power is only half of the model with the same function. The conveyor uses a touch screen panel to process PLC control, and the function keys are combined on the panel, which is clear at a glance, and the operation is convenient and simple.

Conveyor cooling method:

1. Cooling type.

Because the hardness of the conveying is higher than that of copper and aluminum, the cooling method selected when the conveyor is conveying is different from the cooling method of copper and aluminum. The temperature generated by the conveyor is relatively high when the conveyor is working. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a spray cooling method to ensure effective cooling and smoothness.

2. Type of cutting fluid.

The cutting fluid of the conveyor can be general saponified oil or other corresponding metal cutting fluids and brass stamping blanks.

3. Recycling.

General conveyors have the function of cutting fluid reflux circulation and reuse, which can effectively reduce the cost of cutting fluid utilization.

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