The difference between die casting and stamping

Stamping is a process in which iron, stainless steel or copper sheets are punched out of parts with a punch.
The stamping worker puts the iron sheet into the metal stamping machine, and then takes out the stamped parts and puts them away.
The punching worker is very hard. The action of putting the iron sheet to take the product has to be repeated thousands of times a day. Moreover, pay special attention to the fact that if the “two-hand clamping mechanism” of the machine is not or is not good, the hand will be washed away, causing lifelong disability (many in the past, Now the machine is good, so it is missing).
Die casting is a process in which alloys such as aluminum and copper are melted into a liquid state, and then the molten alloy is spooned into a die-casting machine, and a die-casting mold is used to make parts.
The die-caster is responsible for scooping the molten alloy into the die-casting machine, and then presses the “injection button”, the die-casting machine automatically forms a product, and the die-caster is responsible for taking out the product and cooling the mold with paint water.
Sometimes, the factory also requires die-casters to do some work such as installing molds.
Die casting workers can work for 8 hours a day or 12 hours a day, ranging from 200 to 800 molds a day.
Die-casting machines are particularly dangerous in two places. They are the crankshaft part of the die-casting machine and the parting surface of the die-casting mold. During maintenance or work, prevent the die-casting machine from being started by others, or when others are working in these two areas. To enable the die casting machine,

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