Correctly understand silicone oil and its main uses

silicone oil is a kind of lubricating oil whose formal chemical name is polydimethylsiloxane. Silicone oil has various viscosities, high heat resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation and small surface tension.

Silicone oil began to be used in cosmetics in 1950 and developed rapidly in cosmetics after 1970. Silicone oil cosmetics have the following characteristics: good lubrication performance, can form a uniform waterproof protective film on the skin, no greasy and sticky feeling, good luster; good ultraviolet resistance, will not cause oxidative deterioration and skin irritation under the action of ultraviolet rays; good antistatic and dust-proof effect; good air permeability, does not affect sweat discharge after film-forming; good stability and chemical inertia And matching performance.

Silicone oil has a wide range of applications. It is not only used as a special material in aviation, cutting-edge technology and military technology departments, but also used in various sectors of the national economy. Its application scope has been expanded to: construction, electronic and electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper, chemical industry and light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical treatment, etc.

The main applications of silicone oil and its derivatives are film remover, damping oil, dielectric oil, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil, diffusion pump oil, defoamer, lubricant, hydrophobic agent, paint additive, polishing agent, cosmetic and daily necessities additive, surfactant, particle and fiber treatment agent, silicone grease and flocculant.

The excellent properties of silicone oil make it widely used in industrial production, national defense, scientific research, medical and health departments. It is mainly used in electrical insulation, demoulding, defoaming, damping and shockproof, hydraulic pressure, dustproof, waterproof and high and low temperature lubrication.

1. It is widely used in motors, electrical appliances and electronic instruments as insulation medium with temperature resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof and dust-proof. At present, it is also used as transformer and capacitor oil to reduce transformer volume, increase power, improve safety and no pollution.

2. It is used as anti shock and anti damping oil. It is widely used in instruments, shock absorbers, shock absorbers, torsional shock absorbers in automobiles, circuit breakers of overload relays, buffer liquids in circuit breakers of circuit breakers, and shock absorbing oil in ammeters and speedometers for automobiles and airplanes. This product is used as liquid spring with small volume and light weight. It can withstand great impact force in a wide range of temperature range. It can be used as vibration absorber for aircraft or missile over landing frame.

3. As release agent. It is widely used in Plastic molding, rubber processing, metal casting, paper-making, glass products, fiber, food and other aspects. It has the advantages of strong demoulding, high surface precision of products, less consumption, one brush and multiple use, safe, clean, tasteless and non-toxic. Generally use the concentration of 0.5-2.5% of this product solution or emulsion, coated on the surface of the mold, slightly higher than the molding temperature after heat treatment can be used.

4. As defoamer. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, printing and dyeing, coating, pharmaceutical, tanning, fermentation, food and other aspects. As long as 10 — 1oppm is added, the product has good defoaming effect.

5. Use lubricant. It is suitable for rubber, plastic bearing, gear lubricant, machinery and precision instrument lubrication under high and low temperature conditions. With special additives, this product can also be used as wear-resistant and extreme pressure resistant lubricant.

6. As surface treatment agent. Apply 10% of the product solution or emulsion to the surface of glass, ceramic and metal. After heat treatment at 150-300 ℃, a semi permanent waterproof, mould proof and insulating thin mould can be formed. It can also be used for waterproof treatment of paper, leather, building materials and fabrics.

7. As additive. Adding a small amount of this product in coatings, rubber, paraffin and resin can significantly improve the waterproof, brightness, oxidation resistance and processing performance of these materials. For example, adding a small amount of this product in the paint can make the paint not float color, wrinkle, and improve the brightness of the paint mold.

8. Application in medical and health: the defoaming property of this product can be used as a medicine for treating pulmonary edema and swelling and defoamer for artificial cardiopulmonary machine. The ointment and protective agent made of this product can improve the penetration of the drug to the skin, and have good curative effect on scald, dermatitis and bedsore. The vessels treated with this product have anticoagulant effect and can prolong the storage time of blood samples. The tablets made of this product have moisture resistance and prolong the efficacy.

9. Other uses. This product can also be used as high temperature bath and heat carrier, heat exchange system of precision instruments and meters, as well as the antireflection agent for dry copier and various glazing agents. This product can eliminate static electricity and improve the quality of wire drawing. Adding this product in cosmetics can improve the skin care and moisturizing effect and so on.

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