Design Of Portable Plastic Travel Pill Case

Design of Portable Plastic Travel Pill Case

Portable plastic travel pill case is made of high quality Waterproof  plastic material, food grade plastic,100% BPA free to ensure your safety. High temperature resistant, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, light weight,non-toxic and easy to clean.

The slim and portable design takes up less space which is easy to carry and can be put into your pocket or bag. Very suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, adventure, outdoor life-saving and other outdoor activities or household.

Portable plastic travel pill case has four compartments, you can place the tablets,capsules, fish oils and vitamins which depends on the size of your pills.It has a lock button, very easy to open for anyone but won't open automatically so as to keep the drug in the box.

Due to the sturdy plastic body, it won't be broken even if it falls on the floor and keep the pills organized. It can effectively against moisture and oxidation concerns, airtight and waterproof. This box can be used for several years unless man-made sabotage.

Except for storing pills,medication,vitamins or other medicines, it can also store some small items and keep them tidy,such as screws,earrings, beads or other small sundry trinket jewelry.

Design Of Portable Plastic Travel Pill Case

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