Design Of Silicone Wine Bottle Stacker

Design of silicone Wine Bottle Stacker

The silicone wine bottle stacker is designed to sit upright to help you take advantage of vertical space and make the most of tight spaces in your fridge, pantry, cabinet, refrigerator, bar counter, on a shelf and even on the kitchen countertop; save space for soda/pop, can, jar, wine, beer, whisky, water bottle; keep your refrigerator neat and organized.

Silicone wine bottle stacker stacks bottles or cans easily, keep your fridge organized and save space. Grooved mat enables pyramidal, horizontal stacking of bottles, cans, jars. Each rack securely stack up to 10 cans in your fridge or bench top.

Silicone wine bottle stacker is constructed of durable silicone, shatter-resistant, lightweight and flexible; easily wipes clean with soap and water; Can place in dishwasher. Each measures 297*100*23mm.

Silicone wine bottle stacker secures bottles, cans and sealed jars. Also fits in coolers and mini fridges. Stop glass bottles rolling and breaking. Stop glass bottles rolling and breaking.

Design Of Silicone Wine Bottle Stacker

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