Detail performance explanations for silicone products of Dongguan china Co.,Ltd.

    The silicone productions’ features of our company are as follows:

    1, High temperature resistanance:
The temperature resistance of silica gel is more higher than common rubber, it can be used under high temperature for a long duration, and it can be used ten thousand hours persistently. Therefore, silica gel often is applied to electric industries, for example, pressure cooker silicone ring, high temperature silicone sponge sheet and so on…

    2, Ozone resistance:
Silicone products can keep their performance for a long time even if under high strong ultraviolet rays

    3, High electric performance:
Silicone products are of very high resistivity which can keep steadily at a very wide range between temperature and frequency. Meanwhile, it has high pressure corona discharge and arc discharge excellent resistance.

    4, Excellent electric conductive function:
Sometimes, people maybe add some iron powedr in the silica gel material so that it can make a conductive function.

    5, Flame resistance:
In practice, silicone rubber is a combustive material, but if we add a little flame resistant powder into it, silicone product such as flame resistance silicone tube can be extinguished complete within five seconds. 

    Otherwise, there are radio resistance, air permeability and so on…
Silicone products are related with our everyday life, so, as the daily said: healthy life begins from silica gel.

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