Do you have the right choice of non-woven material for disposable face mask?

The mask has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. To think of a good filtering effect, the key lies in the core filter layer! The melt blown material is the most important filter material that must be used in disposable protective equipment masks. Masks on the market are made of various kinds of cloth. There are also various grades of melt blown masks. If consumers don't pay attention to them, they can easily buy materials with poor quality. What kind of conditions should we purchase? Today, let's discuss the purchase of disposable flat masks. Novice buyers can have a look. Are you right about the purchase of mask materials?


Material classification of plane masks




In the medical industry, one of the main purposes of flat masks is to solve the problem of droplet borne diseases. Masks are generally made of three layers of non-woven fabric. The material is spunbond + melt blown + spunbond. One layer of staple fiber can also be used to improve the skin touch, that is, ES hot-rolled non-woven fabric + melt blown non-woven fabric + spunbond non-woven fabric. The outer layer of the mask is designed to prevent flying foam, filter in the middle layer and absorb moisture in the inner layer.




Flat face mask specifications




The masks are divided into 2 layers of non-woven masks, 3 layers of non-woven masks and 4 layers of activated carbon masks. The dimensions are 17.5 × 9.5cm (adult) and 15cm × 9cm (child).




Raw materials of face mask


2 layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose bar, ear hook.


3-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose strip, ear hook, melt spray filter cloth.



Active carbon mask: non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ear hook, melt blown filter cloth, active carbon cloth.


Material selection of face mask

 First: grade and weight of melt blown non-woven fabric. The main material of melt blown is polypropylene, which is a kind of superfine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can catch dust. When the dust is caught by the superfine electrostatic fiber cloth, it is not easy to be separated by cleaning, and water washing will also destroy the electrostatic fine dust capacity. Suitable for flat face mask: ordinary level, bfe95 (filter efficiency 95%), bfe99 (filter efficiency 99%), vfe99 (filter efficiency 99%), pfe99 (filter efficiency 99%), Kn90 (filter efficiency 90%). The weight range of melt blown cloth is 20-25g. If you are not sure about the weight, you can send samples to the manufacturer for confirmation.




Second: the weight of activated carbon. If you need to make an active carbon face mask, you need to confirm the weight of the active carbon cloth. Activated carbon cloth is made of high-quality powdered activated carbon as adsorption material, which is carried on the non-woven matrix with high polymer bonding material. It has good adsorption performance, thin thickness, good permeability, easy to heat forming, and can effectively absorb various industrial waste gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, etc. It is mainly used to make non-woven active carbon mask. The commonly used weight is 32g, 35g, 40g and 45g.




Third: PP Spunbond. Determine the color, weight and width of the spunbond. All the colors in the non-woven Pantone color card can be made, but each manufacturer has its own color card. If the quantity is large, first communicate the color with the manufacturer. The second is the weight of the gram and the width of the door.


Do you have the right choice of non-woven material for disposable face mask?

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