Does daily wear mask harmful to the skin

Wearing an airtight mask for a long time will make the droplets during breathing and taChinaing form a local hot and humid environment around the mouth, causing dust and bacteria in the environment to adhere to the mask easily. In addition, if the mask is not replaced regularly, the pores will be blocked and the acne will be formed, resulting in the phenomenon of "mask pox". Moreover, urban pollution is becoming more and more serious. When choosing to wear masks, more and more people use fashionable masks with a sense of design and give up disposable masks. This has increased the hidden danger of facial skin. If you do not regularly clean the masks, masks are easy to hide dirt and increase the risk of acne.


How to prevent the harm of mask to skin:


Don't ignore chin acne. Always clean and replace the mask. In addition to avoid long face mask acne, should also pay attention to "Chin pox", it is best to wear a disposable mask with good air permeability, which is clean and hygienic. And the mask with too thick and poor air permeability, especially in the sultry environment, is easy to stimulate the skin near the chin. If it is an ordinary mask, it should be cleaned or replaced from time to time to avoid the growth of bacteria.



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