Does silicone oil affect hair

First, silicone oil residue on the scalp is less likely to block pores. Silicone oil is a kind of macromolecular substance, which will not be absorbed by hair follicles. Moreover, the silicone oil contained in shampoo is less than 1%. Under the action of anionic surfactant which plays a cleaning role, it will not remain on the hair after washing with a large amount of water.

Secondly, silicone oil is safe for cosmetics. At present, a large number of studies in the European Union and the United States show that the safety of cosmetics is reliable. According to the cosmetic composition assessment (CIR) panel, silicone oil is not irritating to the skin. Although it can form a hydrophobic film on the skin, it is also breathable.

In the use of hair conditioner, hair mask, such as hair care products containing more silicone oil, as long as you smear it on one end of the hair far from the scalp, one can save the amount; the second is that the hair scale damage at the root is very little, and there is no need to care for it; third, if it is rubbed on the hair root, it will not only be greasy, but also cause the hair to be heavy and flat.

For the use of silicone oil shampoo lead to hair loss, it is more unjust silicone oil. Most people with hair loss have very oily hair, which is just the appearance. In fact, the causes of scalp oil and hair loss are also related to the role of androgen. In a word, hair loss has the greatest relationship with hormones, psychological pressure and life pressure, and the external use of silicone oil is not the root cause. Moreover, the hair has a natural growth – rest – shedding cycle, and it is normal to have hair "retired from work" every day.

Does silicone oil affect hair

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