Does Silicone Oil Affect Scalp Health?

The effect of silicone oil on hair care is obvious to all, especially for long or permed hair, which causes serious damage to hair scales. However, because its action is to adhere to the hair, fill open damaged hair scales, so some people began to worry about whether it will also deposit on the scalp, causing inflammation, acne, hair loss and other phenomena.

Due to its special chemical properties, silicone oil skin is not irritating. Although it can form a hydrophobic film on the skin, it is also breathable. In the process of literature search, there is no information related to acne, acne, hair loss and allergy. Instead, it is often used in products such as acne free or oil free. This is also its advantage over traditional oils.

Of course, some doctors have also raised such a question. He thinks that silicone oil may cause the pores of scalp to be blocked, but this non mainstream view does not have any evidence to prove. So you don't have to worry too much about silicone oil shampoo products, it is not as terrible as rumors, it can be used.


Does Silicone Oil Affect Scalp Health?

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