Does Wearing A Mask For A Long Time Affect The Lung

Since January 20, everyone has been wearing masks. Indeed, many friends told me that wearing masks is painful and suffocating. Is wearing masks healthy for the lungs?

However, do you feel that breathing is not smooth after wearing the mask, will it affect the lung? Will it hurt the lungs? In fact, the most direct effects of wearing masks are as follows:

The first one is that wearing masks for a long time will cause skin irritation. We have seen that medical staff working at the forefront of the epidemic situation in Wuhan, especially after wearing the medical N95 mask, their faces and faces are scarred, all of which are indentation, causing damage to the skin. After a long time, because of the hot breath from the mouth and nose, after the face and face can not be evacuated in time, many people will have a rash, rash, and allergic phenomenon, which is caused by local stimulation.

What's more important is that the mask is a filtering system. Wearing it can prevent viruses and bacteria from being inhaled into the human body. It is mainly a barrier. It is a barrier, which will inevitably cause respiratory pressure. After a breath and a breath, the gas is not so smooth. After a long time, it will be a little stuffy and not enough air.

As you can see, there are several news that are very popular and eye-catching on the Internet recently. For example, on April 27, when the middle school students of grade three and senior three returned to school, a student had a sudden death due to running. Many people questioned whether the sudden death was caused by the impact of breathing due to wearing masks during running.

A few days ago, I saw a tall and thin young man wearing a mask to run in Wuhan. He suddenly felt chest pain aggravating during running. What happened to this situation? What do you find after going to the hospital? Found that there are lung bullae, because wearing a mask breathing is not smooth and doing strenuous exercise, desperately running, resulting in pulmonary bullae rupture, causing severe chest pain.

Therefore, after wearing the mask for a long time, of course, for the human body, the first self feeling is very uncomfortable, and the second will induce some basic diseases. For example, there is a lung cannon. At this time, my breath is not smooth. I try my best to take a deep breath. Finally, the increase of lung pressure will affect the health of the lung.

Of course, in this special period, some people wear masks because of misfortune or discomfort. After physical examination, they found the existence of lung disease. This is when I saw a patient on my home visit last Friday. When he came to see a doctor, my assistant posted it on the Internet. He always felt uncomfortable breathing during the epidemic Chest tightness, I went to the hospital for examination. After the examination, I carried out the chest CT examination. As a result, I found a small nodule in the lung, so I came to see a doctor. If it was not the case, he would not have been examined in his twenties so young to find out these conditions in his lungs.

Therefore, wearing a mask will certainly do harm to the body, but wearing a mask is very good for preventing diseases. Therefore, we should wear masks scientifically and treat how to wear masks scientifically.

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