Emulsified Silicone Oil Can Make The Product Demould More Quickly

If you understand the frustration of spoiling a batch of biscuits because they stick to a baking pan, imagine if you're a tire manufacturer, you're running a printing press, you're pouring concrete into a building foundation, or you're using complex molds to make consumer goods, but you don't use industrial release agents.

"Without the help of reliable silicon release agent, many aspects of the production process will become extremely difficult." Jiayu chemical can provide high-quality standard silicon products online.

In a nutshell, emulsified silicone oil can be applied to the surface to provide non stick properties, which can make products demould more quickly, such as tires and food containers, or provide lubrication and slippage, such as in newspaper printing press and conveyor belt roller. These applications can increase production, make the finished product cleaner and extend the life of the mold or machine.

Common demoulding coatings include soap, oil, fluorocarbon and polyurethane. Even in the appropriate environment, water can also be used as a release agent. However, due to the inertia, thermal stability, viscosity range and non-toxic property of emulsified silicone oil, it has been selected as a demoulding agent in many applications.

One of the main properties of silicon is its low surface tension, especially the critical surface tension or surface energy under wet conditions. Combined with its low cohesive strength, silicon has excellent demoulding characteristics.

Emulsified Silicone Oil Can Make The Product Demould More Quickly

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