Environmental protection–advocating low carbon and protecting the earth

    The picture is show that a lovely baby is sleeping comforably on the beautiful earth with a little bird singing around him.in the picture, a large green umbrella shelters the baby and the earth from the threatening outside world. The theme indicates that we should advocate low carbon economy and cherish the globe.


Environmental protection--advocating low carbon and protecting the earth


    The painter wants to remind us the relationship between low carbon economy and environmental protection. Firstly, low carbon economy is very important to sustainable economic development. Economic expansion causes irreparable damage to our enviroment. A brittle ecological environment, insufficient environmental capacity and shortage of resources are becoming critical problems hindering the world’s development. If we want to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection should be integrated into our economic endeavors. Low carbon economy will have a direct impact on the overall situation of the world’s modernization drive and its long-term development.secondly,environmental protection is in line with traditional Chinese culture. One of the core principles of traditional Chinese culture is to maintain harmony between man and nature. Many philosophies from Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have emphasized the significance of a balanced environment. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Forefathers plant trees so future generations can enjoy the shade.” Protecting our environment and preserving a healthy environment for future generations goes hand in hand with Chinese culture.


    Generally speaking, low carbon economy is indispensable for sustainable development.from now on, we should actively put the low carbon economy at the core of our economic development plans and solve wide-ranging environmental problems before they evolve into environmental crisis.

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