Feature Of The Ice Cream Silicone Mould

Feature Of The Ice Cream silicone Mould

The High quality ice cream silicone mould is made of high-quality food grade silicone, environmental protection, reusable and easy to clean after use. Suitable for refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher.

This ice cream silicone mould  can be used not only for popsicles in summer, but also for jellies, puddings, frozen fruits, cakes and desserts, which is freeze and bake. This capacity is just right for young children.

Unique design – 3 hole design of popsicle making mold enables you to make more popsicles at a time. Cover with a silicone cap to prevent the popsicle from mixing with other foods in the refrigerator. Stackable design saves refrigerator space. With high quality silicone cover, it can prevent liquid from overflowing and block the odor to ensure the delicious taste of ice cream. The molds can be stacked for storage, to save space in the refrigerator.

These molds can be used to create delicious frozen desserts that delight children of all ages. Just put in a wooden stick, pour in your favorite juice, yogurt or milkshake, add candy, cereal or fruit, and freeze it. The delicious ice cream is finished. Make a unique DIY popsicle and share it with your friends!

Feature Of The Ice Cream Silicone Mould

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