Feature Of The Silicone Mitts

Feature Of The silicone Mitts

Silicone oven gloves for Grilling, BBQ, Kitchen – Safe Handling of Pots and Pans, which are resistant to heat, grease, oil, water, stains and even chemical liquid, which makes them easy to clean. Simple rinse the gloves under water tap and hang them to dry on a hook with the attached loop. It is the baking essential tools.

• Made from 100% pure silicone material, no fillers

• FDA approved and BPA free

• Dishwasher safe and waterproof,easy to clean

• Heat resistant durability for temperatures up to 450F

• No-slip five finger grip design fits everybody

• Multi-purpose gloves for baking, BBQ, cooking, grilling, opening hard to open cans/jars, handling critters or pets that might bite, etc

Feature Of The Silicone Mitts

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