Feature Of The Silicone Pacifier Strap With Clip

Feature Of The silicone Pacifier Strap With Clip

The silicone pacifier clip do not contain BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead, completely non-toxic and rust free, odorless, safe for newborn infants to chew.

The premium metal clip is more durable than other Plastic clips, rust free and will not damage baby's clothes, Perfect for keeping pacifiers, toys, and teethers off the floor and nearby.

Not only pacifier clip but also a teether toy, baby girl and boy paci can attach easily to all kinds of pacifiers, teething rings and drool bibs, clothes, blankets and strollers, keep baby from losing their pacifier ever again.

Colours can grab baby's attention easily, helpful for baby's sensory development. It's benefit for baby's teething relief and gum massage.

Simply wipe clean or wash with warm water, soapy water, rinse and let dry, make your baby favorite items will always be held safe.

Feature Of The Silicone Pacifier Strap With Clip

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